WMH are a leading manufacturer of high precision ground straight and helical racks.

We were one of the first companies in Europe to grind racks and have been producing racks for over 100 years at our factory in Germany.

We can produce from DIN quality 5 hard and ground racks for test and inspection equipment to quality 12 soft milled racks for lower dynamic, cost sensitive applications and anything in between. High precision ground racks are typically available in 500mm, 1000mm lengths designed to be continuously mounted one after another to reduce cumulative tooth pitch error with mid to low end accuracy racks available as 2000mm or 3000mm to simplify machine design and reduce build time.

Racks can be made in lengths up to 6000mm as a single piece too for specific applications. We can produce racks in a range of materials from standard C45 steel, high tensile ETG100 steel, X8CrNiS8 stainless steel and even nylon plastic. We offer in-house design and life time calculation services allowing us to help you select the ideal rack and pinion system to suit your application.

We can also modify standard stock racks too to reduce face widths, create custom rack lengths or machine bespoke mounting hole spacing to suit any application.