Gears / Pinions

WMH are a leading manufacturer of high precision ground straight and helical pinions.

We were one of the first companies in Europe to grind racks and have been producing racks for over 100 years at our factory in Germany.

We can produce from DIN quality 5 hard and ground pinion gears for test and inspection equipment to quality 12 soft milled gears for lower dynamic, cost sensitive applications and anything in between. We offer a range of standard stock pinion gears from 1 module up to 8 module tooth sizes and from 12 teeth up to 120 teeth on certain sizes.

We offer everything from case hardened master gears with determined bore sizes for maximum strength and durability to soft milled spur gears with pilot bores which we can then rework with bores, keyways, grub screws and reduced hub diameters and face widths in-house in our machine shop.

We can also machine ISO 9409 bolt patterns into gears ready to be bolted onto our flanged gearboxes offering a total solution ready to accept your servo motor. Full design and life time calculations are available in-house allowing us to tailor and rack and pinion system to best suit you application and budget.