WMH Transmissions Designs Bespoke Solutions For Manufacturer to Initiate Operations

WMH Transmissions Designs Bespoke Solutions For Manufacturer to Initiate Operations

The Situation

Our most recent project involves supplying a manufacturer with a significant quantity of travelling nut-type jacks, specialised to the customer's requirements.

The WMH Transmissions team, located at our facility in Tamworth, received the order in early May. After requesting our assistance, the team promptly quoted the required products.

The Solution

When the customer shared their vision with the team, we were able to start from scratch and create a custom solution to meet their needs. This included suggesting product lines that we believed aligned with their requirements.

After initial discussions, the customer highlighted that obtaining the parts for prototyping was at the forefront of their needs.

After understanding the customer's requirements, we were able to ascertain the application details such as load speeds and duty cycles. The WMH Technical team ran suitability calculations and provided CAD files and drawings to ensure the product selection aligned with the end user's vision for lifetime capacity, safety, and budget.

The Result

Our extensive stockholding here in Tamworth allowed the team to specify, manufacture and deliver in one working week. This enabled the end user to begin the prototyping process before the deadline.

With our dedicated product and engineering specialists, we are able to tailor our solutions to your application/environment or requirement.

We have established a strong relationship with the customer, showcasing our dedication to supporting and supplying the manufacturing industry with our expertise and exceptional customer service.

Key Results

We handle small and large orders to suit every demand.

Our solutions are cost-effective, bespoke, and time-sensitive.

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