Linear Products Enable a Sim Hardware Company to Manufacture Motion Platform Systems

The Situation

A high-performance simulation company was disappointed with the waiting times being quoted to customers in the motion platform industry.

They decided to develop a lower-cost, easy-to-assemble high-performance simulator that could be marketed to customers investing in a high-end, at-home gaming system.

The Solution

The WMH Transmissions team, based at a large facility in Tamworth, received the phone call in early August 2021. After requesting our assistance, the team promptly quoted the required products.

These products were delivered promptly, with quality assurance by the in-house machining team.

The Result

Due to WMH’s fast production times and extensive stock-holding abilities, the customer re-purchased the same quantity of products ordered, several times. The most recent order was commissioned earlier this year. Our excellent customer service also ensured that our customer could continue operations throughout the pandemic.

Our customer was so pleased with the service and quality of products received, that he offered us the opportunity to use the partnership as promotional material.

The Testimonial

“We started building motion platforms for Sim Racers about two years ago. We started with commercial-grade components and found a reliable and understanding supplier in WMH Transmissions. As a start-up, we were grateful to be offered terms that allowed us to order in good quantities, and to maintain production without pressurising our resources.”

“From our small Leicester base, we are currently designing and developing the most advanced consumer level 6 axis of movement sim racing motion platform. We continue to utilise WMH products in some of our builds.”