Integration of Transmission Product Reduces Processing Time For Manufacturer

The Situation

A customer who manufactures custom-built engineering automated solutions required a 6-meter-long trapezoidal lead screw for one of their applications. After liaising with their customer, they had identified that the current operations within the processing machine were taking up more time than necessary.

The WMH Transmissions team, located in a large facility in Tamworth, received the enquiry in mid-October 2023. After requesting our assistance, the team promptly provided a quote for the required products.

The Solution

WMH Transmissions' in-house machining team manufactured the required products, ensuring precision through our dedicated inspection area.

After identifying the issues faced by the customer with their current operations, it was determined that incorporating a lead screw into the system would significantly reduce processing time. The integration of a lead screw would also ensure a safer and smoother automation process for the existing system.

Within a 2-week lead time, we completed the design and manufacture, enabling the customer to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Result

Our fast lead time and in-house machining services at WMH Transmissions ensured that the products were sent out promptly to the customer.

We have maintained a strong relationship with the customer over several years, which highlights our commitment to supporting and supplying the manufacturing industry with our expertise and excellent customer service.

Key Results

Reduced delivery times so the efficiency of operations can be maintained

On-site machining services ensure quality assurance and fast lead times